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Project Spotlight – VA Medical Center

We’re starting a new blog topic as of this month!  Now we’ll do one throwback blog each month to look at past projects which are profiled on our website under Experience.  This month, we’ll kick it off with a look at the VA Medical Center project completed in Lincoln, NE a few years ago.

This particular project was called the 797 Pharmacy Compliance project, located in the Main Hospital building on the The Department of Veteran Affairs campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Due to the critical nature of the space a complete self contained air handling and HEPA filtration system was required. Along with the unique air handling system there were two lab hoods, a Paragon Controls Inc – room pressure monitoring system, Smart Fog humidification system and a complete Innotech Controls building automation system. The space was equipped with three individual clean rooms which consisted of one gowning room and two mixing rooms.

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Often after a job like this, we’ll make a complete service proposal.

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